Getting Started

- Introduction to Xamarin.Forms

- Views and Layouts

- ListView control

- Data Binding & Navigation

Application Fundamentals

- Incorporate Accessible

- App Class & App Lifecycle

- Custom Renderers

- Dependency Services

User Interface

- Animation Infrastructure

- Controls Reference Framework

- Graphics, Images Layout

- List View, Table View, Web View

Remoted iOS Simulator

- Simulator Windows

- Home, Lock, Screenshot

- Touchscreen Support

- Disabling Simulator

Xamarin Inspector

- Debugging & Exploration tool

- Installation & Requirements

- Inspecting Live Applications

- IDE Debugger

.NET Embedding

- .NET code into native code

- Mapping .NET to idiomatic Obj-C APIs

- Mapping .NET to idiomatic Java APIs

- Mapping .NET to obj-oriented like C APIs

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